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2013 Quarter 1, Done! What’s Next?

Canon 5D Mark III

We were pretty busy this last quarter and some of the work is trickling into this quarter. One thing we can definitely check off our “to do” list is new equipment purchase. Canon 5D Mark III. Yes, there was a lot of talk about the Panasonic Lumix, but we decided to go with the Mark III instead and are very pleased. We also got the 85 mm lens and a wide angle lens which will bump up the cinematic quality of our work. With this new equipment we’re able to offer more stunning images for music videos, weddings, movies, you name it. Very pleased!

everyday focus

New apparel and clothing line “Everyday Focus” finally is coming to fruition. The logo is not quite complete, but we have the concept down. Once this is done, we’ll launch our Triple M Designz Webstore. You’ll be able to buy directly from our secure website. We’ll most likely start with t-shirts and hoodies, but won’t limit it to just clothing. Good stuff. Of course, schwag too because we gotta give back to the people who have been supporting us.

We are very happy with our progress this year. We’ll keep you all posted with upcoming projects. Thanks for all the support!


Contest: Win 1 Month of Netflix from Triple M Designz

Let’s see if you’re paying attention. We recently published a post about the San Diego Asian Film Festival. In this short blog post we mentioned our two favorite genres, but didn’t indicate which favorite belongs to whom.

Question: Which genre mentioned is a favorite to Canhdy and which is a favorite to Panthong.

  • You’ll have to refer back to the original post to find out what two genres were mentioned.
  • Your answer must be a comment posted on this blog only (not FB, or Twitter).
  • 50/50 chance you’ll get it right.

Be first to answer correctly and get a month subscription of Netflix on us. You’ll simply need to supply us with your email to claim your prize! Good Luck!

Managing Our Financials Successfully with Wave Accounting

The books! Everyone knows “the key to running a successful business is to manage your expenses”. Otherwise, you can lose money without even knowing it, even if your business is “makes money”. It’s tough when you start out with no budget. It’s true you have to spend money to manage and make your money, but this is not always the case.

When I was approached by Panthong to partner with him and help him run Triple M Designz Productions, I was a little reluctant to take on the responsibility of handling all the financials. It wasn’t because I couldn’t. The question for me was “which accounting software are we going to use?” This was the first question that came to mind because I knew “the key to running a successful business is to manage your expenses”. I have a lot of experience with different types of accounting software from complex ERP’s to simple QuickBooks, but they all cost money. Remember, my starting budget = $0.00. I knew that I DID NOT want to keep our financial on a spreadsheet, even though I’m pretty proficient in Excel. Yes, it can be done and a lot of small businesses do it, but it’s not efficient. Why reinvent the wheel, right?

Eventually, I found Wave Accounting, it’s FREE and the user interface is so simple and very intuitive. For all the accounting pros and amateurs alike, it has your accounting basics: income, expenses, income statements, balances sheets, customized invoices, journal entries, etc. You can also link your personal accounting and manage it at the same time (although, I don’t recommend it, nor does your accountant). If you get stuck or have any questions, their tech support answers right away and you can usually find answers to your questions on forums and blogs. We’ve been using Wave Accounting from the beginning and it has worked great for us. We’ve recommended it to some of our peers and they have also been very happy with the program. Since it’s free, I wanted to share with everyone. Give it a try. If you need accounting software to run you business finances, I highly recommend it. It’s free.

To sign up for Wave Accounting for free visit

Fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners, share with us your experience with Wave Accounting or tell us what you’ve been using.

San Diego Asian Film Festival 2012

13th San Diego Asian Film Festival, November 1-9, 2012

Yes, it is just around the corner, The San Diego Asian Film Festival (SDAFF). It’s one of the largest media arts organization in North America that focuses entirely on Asian American and Asian International cinema. This annual event is held all around San Diego, and this year is primarily screening films at the UltraStar Mission Valley. The festival itself is an event where anyone can gather to learn, appreciate, and experience the different facets of Asian cinema.

Asian cinema alone has many genres within it, so you’re not limited to seeing one kind of film. At Triple M Designz Productions we love them all, but two of our favorites (which happen to be polar opposites of one another) are romantic comedies and horror! Much of American horror is based off of Asian horror films. To name two, The Ring, The Grudge, were “re-invented” from Asian films with the same titles. Even the extremely popular The Hunger Games bore many similarities to the cult classic Battle Royal, but this little tidbit is another topic all together (not gonna go there).

Don’t forget, SDAFF is a film competition. This event gives individuals and small production companies like us a chance to get our work out to the public to be judged and hopefully win some recognition. Rules are, all films and videos entered into the competition must be directed, produced, or principally acted by an artist of Asian or Pacific Islander descent or whose subject matter relates to Asian or Pacific Islander culture. We are definitely eligible to complete! Unfortunately, we won’t be participating in this year’s competition, however we do have a couple of projects in the works and will possibly be ready by next year. Stay tuned for that!

For more information about SDAFF and how to compete, contribute, or volunteer visit For more details on this year’s festival visit

Fish On Crew Fishing Show!

The Fish On Crew wants to start its own fishing show. (Here’s a little insight into what The Fish On Crew is all about. It is organized by my crazy brother Kisda and his fellow anglers, ranging from beginner to almost pro. They fish all over San Diego and beyond, both fresh and salt water. Anyone is welcomed to join, no matter what level of experience.) The show hasn’t been green lit yet and is still pretty early in the conceptual stage. I wanted to put it out there and possibly get some feedback as to what you all want to see in a fishing show. I know and I’m aware there are limitless fishing shows out there and everyone has their favorites but I’m certain Fish On Crew’s show will be among them. The concept of the show is pretty basic. You’ll be seeing the excitement of reeling in a catch and you get some useful tips on the how, what, and where of fishing. With my crazy brother at the helm, it’ll be guaranteed fun to watch and you don’t even have to like fishing. There isn’t a time frame set on this project so stay tuned.

Check out the blog at and see videos on the youtube channels, Fish On Crew and Kisda324

Anime Expo 2012 Adventure in Los Angeles

Who doesn’t love anime? Well we do, you can see in our artwork we’re inspired by the genre. The Anime Expo is an annual event held at the Los Angeles Convention Center and is the biggest anime and manga celebration in North America. Each year brings hundreds and thousands of fans, but the fans not only loves it, they participate, they live it. We thought we were fanatical about anime, but not so much now after meeting everyone there. So many people and so many characters. Almost everyone was dressed up in costume. Some character we are familiar with and others created by the wearer. You’d be blown away by the creativity and workmanship these people put into their costume, or should I say, their identity because most if not all stayed in character. Those who were not in character (like us) took pictures.. We took tons of pictures. This year the event was held the first week of July. Too bad we didn’t blog about it until now, but nonetheless it was an exciting adventure, if you haven’t seen the pictures on our facebook page, well, check it out.

For more information and to register for next year’s expo check out their site at is Down and So Is Our Email

OH NO!!!! Our email is hosted by and if you haven’t heard yet, is down right now… which means our emails don’t work. Any “” email will not work. Not sure when it’ll be up and going again. Thankfully our website is still running. Our domain is registered with but not hosted. Glad we made that decision.

If you need to contact us please do so through Facebook or Twitter.
Twitter @triplemdesignz

Contact Panthong
Contact Canhdy

Sorry everyone!

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