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Fish On Crew Fishing Show!

The Fish On Crew wants to start its own fishing show. (Here’s a little insight into what The Fish On Crew is all about. It is organized by my crazy brother Kisda and his fellow anglers, ranging from beginner to almost pro. They fish all over San Diego and beyond, both fresh and salt water. Anyone is welcomed to join, no matter what level of experience.) The show hasn’t been green lit yet and is still pretty early in the conceptual stage. I wanted to put it out there and possibly get some feedback as to what you all want to see in a fishing show. I know and I’m aware there are limitless fishing shows out there and everyone has their favorites but I’m certain Fish On Crew’s show will be among them. The concept of the show is pretty basic. You’ll be seeing the excitement of reeling in a catch and you get some useful tips on the how, what, and where of fishing. With my crazy brother at the helm, it’ll be guaranteed fun to watch and you don’t even have to like fishing. There isn’t a time frame set on this project so stay tuned.

Check out the blog at and see videos on the youtube channels, Fish On Crew and Kisda324

Anime Expo 2012 Adventure in Los Angeles

Who doesn’t love anime? Well we do, you can see in our artwork we’re inspired by the genre. The Anime Expo is an annual event held at the Los Angeles Convention Center and is the biggest anime and manga celebration in North America. Each year brings hundreds and thousands of fans, but the fans not only loves it, they participate, they live it. We thought we were fanatical about anime, but not so much now after meeting everyone there. So many people and so many characters. Almost everyone was dressed up in costume. Some character we are familiar with and others created by the wearer. You’d be blown away by the creativity and workmanship these people put into their costume, or should I say, their identity because most if not all stayed in character. Those who were not in character (like us) took pictures.. We took tons of pictures. This year the event was held the first week of July. Too bad we didn’t blog about it until now, but nonetheless it was an exciting adventure, if you haven’t seen the pictures on our facebook page, well, check it out.

For more information and to register for next year’s expo check out their site at is Down and So Is Our Email

OH NO!!!! Our email is hosted by and if you haven’t heard yet, is down right now… which means our emails don’t work. Any “” email will not work. Not sure when it’ll be up and going again. Thankfully our website is still running. Our domain is registered with but not hosted. Glad we made that decision.

If you need to contact us please do so through Facebook or Twitter.
Twitter @triplemdesignz

Contact Panthong
Contact Canhdy

Sorry everyone!

We’re listening! Give us your feedback

In today’s competitive world there are so many ways to get our name out there and earn new business. With all these different ways to market, sometimes we lose sight of what’s important to us, our existing clients. We want you to come back again and again and again. Although getting new clients is a very crucial part of our growth, it is similarly crucial for us to keep, you. Like any relationship you have to continue to give to receive. And, like any relationship, this courtship is not over, we have to earn your loyalty and win you over every time. Otherwise, you can easily go to “the other guy”. We can’t have that now, can we?

So tell us. We want your feedback.

  • What are we doing that’s working?
  • Is there anything we can improve upon?
  • Is there something that we should be doing that we’re currently not?

You do not need to be an existing client to give feedback. Any feedback is welcome.

Featured Business of the Week, Nana’s Heavenly Hot Dogs

Each week we will feature a new business on our blog to promote and assist in expanding their reach. It is our pleasure to present this company to our friends and followers. Be sure to check out what they’re all about. Maybe their products and services are just what you were looking for. Please share with your friends this week’s featured business… Remember mention Triple M Designz and get 10% off

Nana’s Heavenly Hot Dogs

The West’s Greatest Full Service Hot Dog Catering Cart

Nana’s Heavenly Dogs started out as one full service hot dog cart back in 2010. Since their humble beginnings they have grown to 3 full service hot dog carts, catering both San Diego and Phoenix. They plan on expanding later this year (2012), presenting Nana’s Full Service Gourmet Hot Dog Truck and will soon be visiting your favorite spots all around San Diego County. By 2013 Phoenix will also have a gourmet truck going.

Here’s what you can expect from your experience with Nana’s.They don’t cut corners when it comes to their product. They use only the best products, including Kosher All Beef Hebrew National Dogs. At many of their regular venues customers are known by name. When it comes to private events they really aim to please. If there is a theme, they try to match it. That means if your event is a “Disney Cars Theme”” they come prepared with matching decor, down to the snow cones cups. They really mean it when they say “Full Service” because their staff members clean up after your guests and ensures they’ve enjoyed their meal. They also offer seconds and are glad to bring it to them. This allows you to enjoy your party.

Other hot dog carts are asking what’s their secret. Hot Dog Carts come and go, and for most owners it’s a hobby, for Nana’s Heavenly Dogs, it’s a passion. They maintain a 5 star rating on YELP (many reviews are filtered, due to first time YELPERS) and are currently the top rated food truck in San Diego on  and their truck isn’t even completed yet.

Mention Triple M Designz Blog after they’ve sent you a quote and get 10% off your package.

Here are ways you can contact Nana’s Heavenly Hot Dogs
619-663-6475 – San Diego
480-788-6475 – Phoenix

Twitter @NanasHotDogs

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